I've just finished a new fiction book, Hard Times

I've been playing with this book off-and-on over the past 7 years. I say playing, because it began as an exercise with words and taboo. I didn't know if it would ever really become a finished book. As it is, I think it could continue as a series. Here's the author's note, which gives an explanation of how the book came to be.
In case you’re wondering, this book is an exercise in taboo, a challenge I issued to my prudish self. I simply said: I’m going to write about sex. The strange story you’re about to read ensued.

Why did I wish to challenge myself in this way? As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I’ve experienced plenty of ugliness and discomfort around the subject. I have reason for my sometimes prudish responses.

Nonetheless, this writing has been therapeutic. I know it could be uncomfortable for some, as it initially was for me–well fine, it still is–but I’m glad I did it. Not to mention, it was fun calling out the various aspects of my personality–the wounded and the wild innocent–and playing with them.

Enjoy, or run. Do what you need to do.

Find out more: Hard Times: They hurt like the dickens. The Kindle (only $.99) and eBook (only $1.99) are available. The paperback will be ready soon.

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