comments and reviews for 'memoirs'

Great Storytelling.
"What a great bit of storytelling, you spare us the sentimentality simply get on with the story from beginning to end. You have a unique voice which takes us time to get out head around but eventually it becomes as much part of charm of the book as does your honesty. Brave, articulate, open and clear, I would hope and pray that this was cathartic to write. I enjoyed this, although that is the wrong word, but what I mean is became utterly immersed in this charming narrative." -- AndrewW

Good Tale Told Well.
"I think you're on the threshold of being discovered. This book isn't whiny and doesn't scream for sympathy as so many like ours do. This is a good tale, told well and is about to bestow success upon you and deservedly so. I'll keep an eye out to see how you fare in the future." -- Kennesaw

Somewhat Poetic
"I couldn't help enjoying your read Sara...the voice of a little girl trailing her way through the read......somewhat poetic I thought the manner you wrote stringing my thoughts along with your writing. Rather refreshing and honest too..." -- Romilla

Beautiful Story, Deeply Moving.
"I was once a strange little girl, so I was drawn to this book. It is such a beautiful story, deeply moving, raw and honest. This is such a fascinating tale, I am glad you decided to put it on paper." -- The Temple Dancer

Got Stuck In!
"I really, really like this. . . saw this and got stuck in! I love the style of it, I found myself reading it quite quickly, wanting to read on. Fascinating, colourful characters and you seem to have introduced a number of them effortlessly in quite a short space of time. I will put you on my shelf as I think this needs to be noticed, and I will be back for more soon." -- KS

"I love the flowing lyrical quality of this." -- Ali Cooper

"Fantastic! I actually watchlisted your book because the title is one of my favorite Tori Amos it caught my eye. I thought your pitch was great and came in for a read. Now I've got you on my shelf!  I find your imagery vivid, your use of the language tremendous. 

Here are the things I liked the most: 'They love the tree as it screams under their saws'- wow. if that doesn't epitomize many of your character's relationships with their parents, I don't know what does. Wonderful. 'When I get distracted by things above the ground.' and the whole scene with Tiger's kittens. How powerful. I certainly didn't expect your mother to come out with her shotgun, and the combined tenderness of laying them in the sweater and then the child's wrapping it up as the sweater was ruined anyway from cottage cheese- wow." -- Cy

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